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The best source for Kirvan news on the Ethernet! Headlines are presented in reverse-chronological order.

Year 11 of the Reign of Empress Theoboda Kataph (444 A.U.)

Year 10 of the Reign of Empress Theoboda Kataph (443 A.U.)

  • Bishop Tarlo and Other Confederates Denounce Knights of Adarnum, Demand Full Investigation of "Knightly False
  • Mass Protests in Confederacy Against Foreign Influence by Knights of Adarnum
  • KoA Active in Confederacy and Likely Behind Attacks on Kirvan Churches
    • Campaign to "If you see people acting like 'Kind Of [an] Asshole', say something and help us root out these interlopers!" starts as Kirvan and Pentacle Churches Begin Rebuilding - official Dalthadi media.
  • Televised Arrest of Knight of Adarnum Chapter on Marivan!
    • Outrage Across Fialta Imperium as Evidence of Mass KoA Conspiracies -- Photos of "Skinchanger" Occult Monster in KoA Employ.
  • KoA Leaks Dossier Detailing False Accounting in Fialta Imperial Navy, Alleges There May be Twice as Many Ships in Fialta Fleet As Publicly Believed
  • Ethernet Rumors Swirl
    • Could Alusia Be Arming Kirvan Radicals in Confederacy? Ether-Cafes Buzz with Story.
  • Calls for De-Escalation
    • Kirvan Confederate Council, Led by Bishop Tarlo, Makes Statement of Solidarity with Church of Dalthad, Urging End to Hostilities, Peaceful Affirmation of Religious Freedoms. Confederate Congress Convenes Emergency Meeting After Confederate, Local Security Forces Prove Reliant on Fialta Nationalist Militia to Counter Kirvan Radicals.
  • Like a Match on a Tinderbox
    • Kirvan Militants Demand Religious Autonomy and Freedom from Fialta Oppression -- Kirvan Abolitionists Demand Emancipation, Armament for Self-Defense of All Kirvan Slaves in Confederacy.
  • Retaliation, Riots Rock Confederacy
    • Kirvan Radicals Respond to Church Vandalism With Militant Attacks on Pentacle Churches: Clashes Between Kirvan Militants and Fialta Nationalists Proliferate. Hundreds dead in street violence, drive-by-shootings, bombings on mixed-faith Confederate Worlds.
  • Kirvan Church Vandalized and Burned in Confederate Space: Church Ruins Marked with Thalranese Religious Icons, Imperial Slogans, Fialta Supremacist Symbols. Anti-Congressional, Pro-Imperial Factions Implicated.
    • "It Doesn't Feel Safe to Be Kirvan Anymore", Says Deacon
  • "Dress to Rule" A Restrospective on Empress Theoboda of Bishant's Wardrobe, and an Inside Report on What the Empress Burning Her Old Clothes Tell Us About Her Kirvan Faith.
  • Sold Out Crowds Pack Cinemas for Mass! Patriarch of Korinth Stars in Ethernet Video Series Through Kirvan "OnlyFlames" Distribution Network : 7 Million Aeldman Viewers, 17 Million Alusian Viewers in First Month
    • Patriarch Balmor of Korinth Becomes a Cosmic Media Sensation with Sermon from the Site of 3rd Treaty of Korinth
    • Protests from Patriarch of Ahlam as Alusian Faithful Miss Church to Hear from Patriarch Balmor.
  • "Unhappy Coexistence" Ur'Behk Religious Extremists in Kingdom of Bec Clash with Royal Troops After Kirvan Pilgrims Go Missing